Who We Are

The 360Mix Group is comprised of professionals in Photography and Multimedia Production which together brings a great number of solutions for the immersive photography market. We are a mix of geeks and photographers and together  we make virtual reality you can immerse yourself in!

Our Team

With over 15 years of experience in multimedia production and photography, our team has professionals that strive for quality and excellence.

Andre Lauz

Musician, photographer and designer.

Andre Lauz has done photography in about 20 countries over the  years. In London achieved a HND in Music Production and Performance at the London Centre of Contemporary Music – LCCM.
Now, Just relocated from South Korea to Brazil, Andre has introduced new concepts to the Night Club Photography scene, giving his night shots a place in the local art galleries, magazines and TV.
Currently, Andre spends a lot of his time on concept shoots for  art, fashion,  as well as panoramic 360 photography.

Visit: www.andrelauz.com


Djio (pronounced geo), baptized as Dionizio Bonfim Bach, began his studies in the IT field in 1987, started programming in 1989 and debuted in graphic arts in 1991. In 1996 started to work with Internet, in the early beginning of commercial Internet in Brazil. In the following year started into databases using FileMaker Pro for Desktop and Web Applications. Since 2004 he works with PHP and MySQL, besides constantly researching communication tendencies and Web technologies.

Wide expertise in both Windows and Mac platforms, seeks the best results in usability and interactivity for  his clients/users/partners. Also has worked with several medias, like: press, recycled/handmade paper, silk-screen, backlight, CD-ROM, DVD, Radio and the Web.

His interest in photography begun in an early age, while handling curiously his father’s amateur film camera. In 1997 Djio got very interested into QuickTimeVR (QTVR) and since then  constantly researches  about virtual tour technologies and panoramic photography technics. Since 2002 works professionally developing virtual immersive environments for Desktop and Web.

Djio speaks Portuguese(native), fluent English, intermediary Spanish and basic Norwegian.

Visit: www.djio.com.br

Este conteúdo também está disponível em: Portuguese (Brazil)

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